Why Choose Us

We offer excellent customer service from start to finish. We answer our phone calls and always return emails within 1 – 2 days or sooner. We also has a 24 hour emergency phone number if YOU need support while traveling.

We offer wide range of destinations and demonstrate community.

We also give high commitment for providing all activities such as special needs, conservation and others plus have special tools and safely training and valuable for YOU.

We believe in and promote sharing information, best practices and learning through collaborative, partnership and team working.

We operate with integrity, independence and fairness, take pride in what we do and aim to provide high quality relationship experiences which offer the best value for money whilst using resources in the most sustainable way.

We fulfill YOUR dreams to make comes true.

Our coordinators or local partners are knowledgeable about all of our programs and will help YOU to choose the best program(s) if YOU can’t make a decision.

We provide humanitarian aid in local communities and wildlife rehabilitation and ecological conservation within local parks and reserves.

We only work with projects that value YOUR involvement offer an excellent experience.